With 9 Electronic Design Engineers on staff, two with Phd’s and two with Masters degrees, Marque Magnetics is the best power magnetics and wound component design specialist in Australasia.

These engineers embody the company’s 30 years of accumulated experience in the field. Their capabilities allow them to design from scratch to meet your defined electrical and mechanical parameters, as well as to re-engineer a complete spec or reverse engineer componentry. We manufacture, test and tweak prototypes for all our designs in coordination with your engineers to insure optimum performance results.

Our design expertise includes meeting UL, TUV, VDE, SAA (AU/NZ), CCC & IEC safety standards. We can design your components using our UL insulation system thus lowering your compliance costs.

Product Range

  • Low Frequency Transformers – 50/60Hz, up to 3KVA,
    • Cores: Steel, GO Steel, Mu metal
    • Copper: PUR, PEI, TIW, Litz, Foil
    • Electrical: Single and Three phase
    • Terminations: Through Hole, Leads, Terminal
  • High Frequency Transformers – up to 10 MHz,
    • Cores: Ferrites, Iron Powder, Nanocrystaline, MPP
    • Copper: PUR, PEI, TIW, Litz, Foil
    • Topologies: Flyback, Forward, Full Bridge, Half Bridge, etc
    • Teminations: Through Hole, SMD, Leads, Terminals
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • Differential Mode Chokes
  • Inductors
  • Inductive Power coils
  • Solenoid Coils and assemblies
  • Custom coils (custom bobbins to fit your application)
  • Custom ferrite core configurations
  • Custom injection moulds for those special bobbins
  • Custom mechanical parts


All of these processes are available in our manufacturing facilities both in China and New Zealand:

  • Coil winding in all configurations
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Vacuum encapsulation
  • Conformal Coating with Epoxy and various other materials
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • PCB Assembly where our magnetics are involved

You have the flexibility of ordering small quantities from our NZ plant for testing, prototyping and initial production run purposes, and then transferring to our Chinese plants for cost effective mass production. This transfer process operates quite seamlessly.