Design service

Marque Magnetics has been designing wound components for over 30 years and this expertise is available to you.

Why use our custom design services?

Our designs start with the most cost effective and commonly available componentry on the market. We buy a very broad spectrum of components daily so we know what is available and at what cost.

We design to maximize manufacturability which impacts directly on production times. Wound components are generally very labour intensive so it pays to design them for effective production.

Our design focus is towards high efficiency performance which directly impacts power consumption, a cost factor for your end product.

We routinely deal with international electrical safety standards and know what is required for compliance.

We have a broad range of experience across many industries, insights from which your design will benefit directly.

Our capabilities include customizing bobbins, ferrite cores, laminations and the materials from which these are made.

We can do all of this much quicker and more effectively than most!

How it works:

Our engineer will study your design criteria and establish a time and cost budget for carrying out the project in full. We will need to know how many prototypes you will require for your testing programme to cost them into the project budget.

On your approval of our quotation, we will require a Purchase Order for the budgeted amount of the project. (if you do not have an account with us, you will need to pay 50% of the budgeted price up front with the final 50% paid prior to the release of prototypes).

Our commitment to you is that we will stick to the budgeted time and cost figures unless you introduce additional requirements which require more time/resources. In that case, we will discuss the additional costs with you and get your written approval before proceeding with the work.

By default we design magnetics to the IEC61558 (AS/NZ61558) safety standard but you can specify what standard you want met, such as a UL or TUV equivalent. You must specify if you require the part to be RoHS and/or WEEE compliant

Additional parts for pilot or manufacturing runs must be ordered separately as their cost is not included in the contracted design price.

We will supply an initial set of prototypes for you to test as per the quantities you requested originally. Should more be required we will proceed with them on your approval of the additional cost to make them. On your final approval of the prototypes, we will send you a full manufacturing specification and our quote for the manufacture of the product according to your expected usages.

You own your design and we will never discuss, manufacture or release your design(s) to anyone besides yourselves without your full written consent.


  • Low frequency (50/60Hz) lamination transformers to 300KVA
  • Dry type Isolation or Power transformers in single or three phase to 150KVA
  • Switch mode power supply magnetics for all topologies
  • High frequency transformers and inductors
  • High voltage transformers
  • Potted transformers for special applications
  • Mountings include though-hole PCB, surface mount and self leads
  • Use copper enamel, copper foil, twisted copper and litz wires
  • Use ferrites, iron powder, Sendust, MPP, Kool Mu & HighFlux materials
  • Use standard silicon steel & grain oriented silicon steel laminations