Company founded by Bob Smith & Erick Jensen. Both men had long experience in the magnetics industry and decided to go out on their own.


The factory moves from its initial cramped premises into a modern shared facility in Auckland, New Zealand. A year later it takes over the whole building.


Buys its first six head automatic winding machine for its NZ plant in order to supply volume customers in the country


Establish joint venture with TOEC group in China and Huigao Magnetics Ltd is born. Marque Magnetics now has quality and volume production capacity in China.


First export orders to customers in Australia and Singapore leave Huigao Magnetics, starting a flow that has not ebbed since and which has expanded to countries throughout Austral Asia.


Marque Technologies Ltd is founded in Tianjin, giving Marque Magnetics total control of its supply chain and manufacturing processes. Both plants in China continue to operate well.


Marque Technologies doubles its factory floor space to 2,800m2 due to expanded production needs.