PCB Assembly

Dual technology service for PCB assemblies with a significant wound component count. Situated inside our joint venture complex in China is our partner’s surface mount printed circuit board assembly facility.

This facility has 11 PCB assembly lines. Six of these are high-speed/long run lines placing 370,000 pieces per day at a rate of 0.1 second per chip. The other 5 lines place between 12-14,000 pieces at 0.28-0.24 seconds per chip, and are used for shorter manufacturing runs.

Marque Magnetics manages the PCB assembly projects and, as a wound component manufacturer in its own right, has a real competitive advantage in producing printed circuit board assemblies that include magnetics. Wound components can be procured from the “customer specified” manufacturers or Marque Magnetics can manufacture them at a highly competitive package price for the entire assembly.



Custom Design

Custom designing magnetics and wound components from scratch is what we do every day! Give us your electrical and mechanical parameters and we will design and prototype the component(s) to meet them


Design from Spec

We can take your current full spec and reproduce it, improve it and/or find you alternative less costly materials which still meet your quality and certification standards.