Low Frequency Transformers

We offer a large range of Low Frequency lamination transformers. Single phase with power rating from 1VA to 20kVA and 3 Phase Dry type Transformers from 100VA to 200kVA

Metric and Imperial Laminations are readily available from all our facilities

Technical Data

Technical Data

Frequency Range: 50/60Hz

Single phase transformers

Power rating: 1VA to 20kVA

Three phase dry type transformers

Power rating: 100VA to 200 kVA

Power Capacity by Core Type

Power Capacity by Lamination type:

The selection of the lamination type for a specific transformer depends on the design parameters and the designer’s personal preferences. The indicative power capacity for different lamination types (chart below) provides a general guideline for an initial core selection for electrical transformers. Or refer to our Transformer Size / Power Calculator in our Calculator section


Power Capacity by Lamination Type Table

Lamination Bobbin Dimensions and Footprints

Imperial Laminations

Imperial Laminations


Custom Design

Custom designing magnetics and wound components from scratch is what we do every day! Give us your electrical and mechanical parameters and we will design and prototype the component(s) to meet them


Design from Spec

We can take your current full spec and reproduce it, improve it and/or find you alternative less costly materials which still meet your quality and certification standards.