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Inductive Power

ISO13485 (medical)  certified both in our NZ and China operations, we have the systems in place and a long history of manufacturing reliability and integrity to guarantee a high quality product. Coupled with 30 years experience in magnetics design in  our engineering department, we are your ideal partner from design to production of medical certified parts.  Our systems insure reliability.

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Defence companies and organizations have very particular needs and we have over 30 years experience catering to these requirements. Reverse engineering old technology wound components, from aircraft radar coils to CRT transformers, as well as miniaturising parts for field work, are all part of what we do. Our highly knowledgeable engineering staff play an up-front role in these projects and very much include our specialized production people in New Zealand. Our ability to “tropicalize” parts with epoxy and other coatings has been useful to many. We will get the job done.

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From small runs for specialized devices to mass production, we have the knowledge and experience to design “intrinsically safe” components for your products. We have been involved with the mining industry for most of our history and understand it’s regulatory and quality requirements. Safety and reliability are the utmost priorities.

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Power transmission across air gaps is a growing technology and one that we have been involved with from its beginnings some 30 years ago. Requiring highly efficient pick up and transmission coils, we are well established as a reliable partner for your IPT project. One of our PHD engineers, available to work with you, took a two year sabbatical to work on a medical IPT project at Auckland University. Others have worked extensively with customers on various applications. We know inductive power.

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From within electric fence energizers, to milking station actuation solenoids, to mastitis sensing devices, our magnetics and other wound components play their part in making farming more efficient. The outdoor environment is particularly difficult for electronics and we help you insure the efficiency and durability of your products in the field. Ruggedness is designed in from the start.

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From motor soft starters to industrial air conditioning units and fire alarms, we are involved in the design and supply of components that go into a myriad of products used in factories and processing plants around the world. Each product is unique so we work with your engineers to give them exactly what they need in terms of efficiency and power for their application. We design to most international safety standards including UL, TUV, AS/NZ, CCC, IEC. Our components and services are efficient and cost effective.

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You can find our magnetics powering single side band radios, microwave transmitters and receivers and large communication system base stations around the world. We provide design and supply options to the industry for both power and signal applications. Compact and reliable components are the key.

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How to control, distribute and monitor energy generated by different power sources is the big topic in this field. We are very active participants in this discussion as the magnetics are a big part of the evolving solutions.  Our power electronics engineering and manufacturing expertise is at your disposal for the supply of efficient and reliable inductor & transformer packages for power supplies, inverters and other power management devices. We can help you develop the future.

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